Zmags Creator Analytics

UX / Design


Prototype and design a brand new analytics section inside the application while adhering to company rebranding.

User Experience

Pictured here are a few of the clickable prototypes I created for my user research. As I asked our customers what they wanted to see as far as data, I would go back and iterate how I would present that data. Creator has a few nuances, like having multiple scenes and a variety of interactive widgets, that had to be accounted for. I could use these interactive, clickable prototypes to test my design assumptions and record user behavior.

An important thing to our customers was seeing how each widget they put on the canvas performed and they wanted that to drive their designing. Hearing this, I married the heatmap with the widget grid below that carries all the statistics. Clicking on one highlights the other. Our clients loved this idea and said it would be a game-changer for them.


As with the total UI redesign, I took inspiration from our new company branding. Since this was a new section of the application, many of the things being displayed were new as well, but it had to feel like a natural, cohesive part of the whole.





SEO Checklist

Analytics app detail


Finally, it all came together into a pleasing design that packed a data punch. Our users could now see how their pages were performing, and they could drill down to individual scenes, and even further to individual widgets. Instead of just displaying grids of numbers, this solution showed them how their design decisions performed right over their own work so they could see instantly what worked and what didn't.

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