UX / Design / Development


Create a simple and clean writing application that allows users to work on multiple devices on the go. Include the ability to drag and drop chapters, auto-save while typing, and a robust system of user writing statistics.

User Experience

This simple user flow diagram was to be the loose blueprint for the web app. After researching similar apps, I wanted to cut through the clutter and get people writing easier and faster without distraction.


Many similar apps still use skeuomorphic designs, so I wanted this to stand out by feeling modern yet comfortable. Although the pink adds a branding punch, the overall feel of the design is serene, especially once inside the work area.





Web app header

Web app sidebar


The result is a site that grew to a thousand users within a few months. I developed this from scratch in PHP/MySQL for the back-end and included front-end enhancements with a good amount of Javascript. The app was a personal passion of mine and succeeded in providing a popular app for writers that gets out of the way of their creativity.

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