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Create a cloud-based B2B application that allows sales and marketing to work more efficiently using Pega's "building block" software. The app must provide easy access to a massive amount of information, including contacts, leads, and opportunities and include custom dashboards. It must also provide built-in functionality like revenue forecasting, analytics, and real-time communication with colleagues and customers.

User Experience

As team UX Engineer, my first steps were to analyze existing software, user work flows, and tasks. It was important to understand what sales and marketing people were trying to accomplish in their daily work, as well as understanding how they felt about their current tools and what they thought could make them better.


My goal was to create a colorful, inviting feel while never sacrificing usability. Since this would be many people's primary tool for their entire workday, I wanted it to be a pleasant, but also an efficient, experience.





Website header

Work item icons

Website sidebar


The result illustrates what happens when all the phases in a large-scale project are given their due. By spending time on research and user experience up front, some very important questions were answered. The subsequent design process proceeded with ease and a beautiful final product emerged.

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